The Story of Us

I recall fond memories of the red box in my head as if it were yesterday. This special box held the memories of my family’s past. I asked my parents countless times to take it down from the closet shelf for me so I could look through the photos for hours. There was one of me as a young child helping my dad in the garden, one with my parents at the beach and another one with my brothers and I watching a parade together at Disney. Flash forward to when my middle child was just a few months old. My sister-in-law gave me a scrapbook for his memories, and I never looked back. Photography took on a whole new meaning as I scrapbooked photos of our family. I now have over 25 scrapbooks and some of them include photos from the red box of my childhood.

My husband and I have been through many milestones with our children over the past 25 years and I believe capturing those memories changed my perspective on photography. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I was asked to do an engagement session for a college friend, that my eyes were opened to what I should be doing with my life. I was suddenly filled with a drive to start my own photography business and spread my sentimental love of capturing memories through photography. That day I vowed to learn all about the technical side of photography so that I could grow as a photographer. I threw myself into learning and along the journey I realized something special. My husband was right beside me supporting me and helping me learn too! It quickly became OUR journey. The name, Arctic Heat, was formed many years ago as a tie to our different regional backgrounds. Bill is from Minnesota and Gena is from South Carolina. When we decided to turn our photography hobby into a business we knew this name would fit perfectly!

We are based in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. We are also available for travel.